About Us

    Unique Mannequin was founded in 2007,has focused on environmental mannequins,interior stores display and window display design.We start from a zero as a new player,never stop to focus and do the best on our production quality,product's development and sales.Until today we supply our products and services to several international china of  clothing branded companies and win for their recognition and support.


    1:We combine the function of mannequin display with shop display furniture to develop a new innovation and up to date human art display furniture.

    2:More than 8years experience specialized in wire mannequin,using Chinese traditional manual technology to produce various models of wire mannequins.

    3:For fabric coverde mannequin products,our company early main production is for JERSEY torso mannequin which has a very strict requirement of size,lines of stitching precision and aesthetic requirement.With a well experience and well trained production team for mannequin covered fabric,we develop all tailoring products according to customer requirements in avery strict requirement and produce in perfect quality.

    4:Unique mannequin has a strong ability to use a variety of different material and create the characteristics of various mannequin.such as a mannequin can be produce from a combination of variety material from wood,fiber glass,ironwire either with fabric.

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